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Transforming Pricing and Forecasting Analytics for Pharma and Biotech


Rock-solid vision.

Bold creativity.

We empower pharma, biotech, medtech, medical device companies, and distributors with world-class technology to grow and maximize revenues at scale and speed, conquer new opportunities and outpace the competition.

Cloud-based solutions for strategic planning / forecasting and pricing & reimbursement.

Strategic Planning / Forecasting

Build more accurate forecasts with our cloud-based solution and collaborate seamlessly with peers worldwide.

Pricing & Reimbursement

Maximize and maintain your assets value over their lifecycle with our industry-leading IRP and LSO tools.

Consulting / Outsourcing

Let us do your analytics and develop innovative strategies for you.

The $1Bn impact 


Changing how you do business.

Unlike any other tools, our best in class cloud-based applications for forecasting and pricing & reimbursement will support you throughout your products’ lifecycle. Simply pick and choose what you need, and we will build a customized application for you in a matter of weeks.

Product Lifecycle Support

Simple. Smart. Fast.

Our tools run highly sophisticated analytics in the backend, yet are built to be simple to use, deliver smart insights, and run so fast, we dare to challenge you to show us a simpler, smarter, or faster tool.


Simplicity and speed without sacrificing accuracy.

We believe, our powerful algorithms run faster than any other tools out there, yet deliver more accurate results and insightful analysis.


Built To Make Your Life Easier.

Optimized for user experience, our forecasting and pricing & reimbursement tools allow for time and resource savings yet deliver more insights and strategy than any other applications.



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